Startup Weekend Roanoke Press Tonight!


Startup Weekend Roanoke on the news WSLS

The first 24 hours of Startup Weekend Roanoke have officially been awesome. The crowd of entrepreneurs gave their pitches and formed teams last night, and ventured out into the world this morning to give their concepts market validation. They did this by talking with customers, asking which kinds of things customers are looking for, and whether they’d be interested in their ideas.


This is a pivotal point in the weekend for most teams. As they gain valuable outside feedback, their concepts likely flex as they incorporate many of the suggestions they receive from outside of their team. Other teams learn to “fail fast” by figuring out which concepts may not work, and quickly take initiative to try something new. Most teams currently are hard at work on their business models and receiving feedback from our Startup Weekend Coaches, who are experienced business and startup gurus who have impacted our communities with their ventures.


We also had an exciting visit from our local news reporters, WSLS, who will be showcasing a story tonight about what our entrepreneurs are creating at Startup Weekend! Tune in to WSLS at 11 PM to see how these Startup Weekend participants are changing the world. Check out the story here!